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Shuntuk Giant Tomato


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Shuntuk Giant tomato is very deserving of it’s name. Everything about this variety is gigantic. It has always been the biggest plants on the farm. Some of ours have averaged 9 -10 feet tall and much wider than the average plant. Shuntuk Giant tomatoes are deep red and weigh between 16 and 32 ounces.  So it totally makes sense why vines are that thick!

This variety produces some of the densest and meatiest tomatoes  that ripen about 90 days after transplant. Set them in the garden as soon as you can and stake well. I put ours out around  April 25th-30th and begin harvesting around July 25th. As it pertains to taste, Shuntuk Giant has it all. Balanced and rich, with plenty of  fruity juice. This giant will work well for many situations, including as a sandwich specialist. Great for market vendors!

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